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October 25, 2017


October 28: Boo Ball, 4-8pm

October 30-31: Historical Halloween Presentations, Upper Elementary
November 1-3: No School, Conferences
November 10: No School, Veteran's Day
November 16: MAC Coffeehouse, 4pm
November 23 & 24: No School, Thanksgiving Break
November 28: Giving Tuesday
December 8: Explore Art, 5-8pm

Artes Vitae

Find your happy place.

What makes you tick? Is it the rush of accomplishment, the warmth of connection, the satisfaction of getting a job done?

Read the linked National Geographic article at the end of this newsletter (pro tip: click "view entire message" at the bottom of the news to get the full scoop each week) to learn about the world's happiest places, and the factors that contribute to human happiness.

A couple themes recur within the quest for happiness: strong social connection and meaningful work.

Call me crazy, but that sounds an awful lot like artes vitae and communitas to me. There are plenty of opportunities to pursue your personal happiness within our humble yet flourishing community (many of which start with this newsletter...).
While on your quest for joy and meaning, take a look at the changes afoot here at L&C HQ, see what we've got coming down the road, and put some important dates on your calendar.

By the way, have you signed up for conferences yet? Get 'er done:

EMAIL Alex ( with the details of your preferred 20 minute conference time on November 2nd or 3rd, she'll get you booked.

Lastly, here is a link to the travelogue of former Chinook Room guide, Cork Bochner, and his family as they spend the year traveling around Asia. If you loved and miss them, love Asia, or just love adventure blogs, check it out!

And, as always, thank you for reading.

Kitchen News
The November Menu is one of our most popular -- don't miss out!
Order lunches at

deadline for next week is midnight tonight.

All hands on deck! When you're languishing at home, twiddling your thumbs and waxing nostalgic about a more exciting epoch in your life, come volunteer in the kitchen -- we've got all the excitement you need!

Chew on this:
  • Helping prepare meals connects you to your child's nutrition and your community at the same time
  • You can see the impact your volunteer hours have right before your very eyes
  • Catch your breath with a complementary meal and enjoy the fruits of your labor

Fun fact:
did you know that you can ask anyone to volunteer in the kitchen on your behalf -- and it still counts towards your family's hours??
Thank you, and you, and you, and...
Runtober: The Ovation

Take a bow! 55% of our students ran and raised at Runtober 2017. 
Because of you, we exceeded our goals to run 1,000 miles and raise $15,000. 

We ran over 1,300 miles and have raised over $22,000 so far. What!!!  That is almost 50% more than our goal!

Results like these bring tears to our eyes -- thank you to our entire community for showing up and making this place...well... run.

Now then: we know, because students and parents have told us, there are still pledges out there.  Please turn these in to the office as soon as possible so we can count your efforts in our total!
"Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach."

- Albert Einstein
01 - Explore Art is coming up -- apply for a merchant booth!
Explore Art
Friday, December 8th, 5-8pm

This evening has all the things that the holiday season ought to be full of: food, music, gaiety, beauty, gifts, and community cheer. What more do you need? Obviously, a silent auction!

We are auctioning off handcrafted wreaths to suit every style and doorway of your home. Don't worry -- they're local. In fact, these wreaths will be donated by parents, friends, and staff, which definitely makes the season brighter. If you're wondering how to get in on this action, here's the skinny: make a seasonal wreath, log five hours' volunteer time when you bring it in, and bask in the glow of contribution.

If you are interested in showing your art or selling your wares, make sure to fill out an artist or merchant application. Get involved, contact Mishawn Nelson:

Chinook Transitions: a letter from Melissa

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your patience and support while we searched for and found the perfect person to take on our lovely Chinook Room - and we did, and didn't have to look further than our own back yard!

Ute-Anja McDonald joined our Lewis & Clark Staff this fall as our Brain Coach and assisting the Mahonia Room. She quickly showed her great skills in communication and assisting children who are not yet peaceful with finding resolutions to problems. She has fallen in love with our school community, and jumped at the chance to guide the Chinook Room.

Bits & Bobs
HUGE congratulations to 7th year Braydon Lee for placing 8th in the District XC Championship meet last week! This distinction earned him a medal as well as our heartfelt admiration.

Cross Country comes to a close this week, we had our largest team ever this year.  A larger team improves our competitiveness and spirit. Explorers XC will be back next fall, and we encourage new runners to come try it out!

Music Class for parents and their toddlers! Learn, laugh, and get lyrical with our music teacher, Kami, from 9:45-10:30 on Tuesdays. Donations gladly accepted to help support music at Lewis & Clark Montessori.

How about some FREE and easy ways to earn the school some money! Link your Amazon and Fred Meyer purchases to us so those companies give us money every time you give them money? Repeat: this does not cost you anything except a brief moment of your time to set it up -- once. Click on the links above for more info.
PTO Corner
The Boo Ball!
Saturday, October 28th from 4-8pm.
Can we use words like 'spooktastic'? If we can, let's do, because this event will be worthy of all the mish-monster-mash words we can throw at it. What are you doing still reading this? Go get your costume together!
Get involved:
It's the wave of the future.

Prepare meals in the kitchen. Choose one or more days to come in for at least two hours between 8am-3pm. Commit for a week, a month, or all year long, it's up to you! Your lunch is on us.

Help us get the word out about Explore Art -- post flyers around town and spread the word to crafty vendors.

Join a committee! We've got a few, take your pick. There's always room for your area of expertise and enthusiasm.

Chaperone a "Going Out"! It's like an adventure and an education in one short day.

You can donate time or dollars to fulfill your family's annual commitment of 40 volunteer hours. Log your hours on our website or in the office. Direct volunteering questions to Mishawn Nelson:
02 - MAC students display the primitive stone tools they made as part of their Ancient Civilizations unit in Humanities.
Further Reading
From our desktops to yours: drop in for articles about education, child development, and related miscellany. Enjoy!**

** These articles are intended for educational purposes only. The views and comments contained within do not necessarily reflect the views of Lewis & Clark Montessori, its employees, or its Board.

Get Happy. They say money can't buy it, so just how do we go about finding it? The team at National Geographic spent a lot of time asking that question, and finding where (and how) on earth humans are the happiest. You might be surprised by some of the results.

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