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September 20, 2017


September 18-22: MAC Expedition
September 21: Board Meeting, 7pm
September 26: Going-Out Chaperone Training
October 5: Development Committee Meeting, 5:30pm

October 6: Runtober (see article)
October 9-11: Older Elementary at Eagle Fern Camp
October 12 & 13: No School, Professional Development

Artes Vitae

Skills for life, every day, for a better world.

The concept behind our motto Artes Vitae (life skills) is the Montessori mission to support the growth of the whole child. Education, done carefully, is about far more than the Three R's. The work of an educator is building future world citizens.

Lessons in Grace & Courtesy are a fundamental component of a Montessori student's day. These lessons help govern the harmony and inclusiveness of a community, and cover everything from table manners to greeting a newcomer.

Included in this idea are an individual's accountability, resourcefulness, and ability to plan ahead. For instance, this can make for some damper -- but wiser -- children on the playground as they practice the skill of preparing for the weather. 

The other half of our motto, 
Communitas (community), is evident in everything we practice and teach. 

Our strong commitment to building relationships and contributing to others governs our professional development, classroom lessons, and plans for the future.

You -- our school's parents, family members, and friends -- create one of the strongest pillars in our community. We work hard to do right by you and the trust you put in us every day because our community matters to us. A lot.

For your part, the most significant ways parents participate in Communitas are through volunteering and donating to the Meriwether Fund.

Wait, don't hang up. If you're wondering, are they really asking me for money? Isn't this a state-funded school? The answer is yes, and yes -- mostly. 

Being a charter school means that we are eligible for only about 60% of the government funds that public schools receive. That's not including the private fundraising that all schools have to do.

How do we bridge that gap? Honestly, we do more with less because we believe in our work. And we give more. Every one of our staff members has donated to the Meriwether Fund since its inception, and we hope the same of the rest of our community, in whatever amount your family can manage.

The state keeps our lights on and our phones working. The Meriwether Fund helps our program come alive with art, music, science, sports, and the high quality education for the whole child that likely brought you here in the first place.

We will continue having this conversation throughout the year, and we are excited to answer your questions.

Look for a Meriwether Fund booth at the picnic this Sunday, shoot us an email (, join the Development Committee, or come volunteer and see what all the fuss is about. 

And always, thank you for reading. 

01 & 02 - Explorers XC takes off
Photos by Chris Powers

Explorers XC 
September 28th, 4-6pm
Lewis & Clark Montessori is hosting its first ever Cross Country meet! Join us after school next Thursday to cheer for our team, help direct and time runners, or pitch in with any of the sundry tasks that a sporting event requires. This is an exciting step for our only intramural sports team, and a great time to support our athletes!

It's not too late to join! Practices are held Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school until 4:35, contact coach Peter Jensen for information:
Kitchen News
The October Menu is Live! 
Order lunches at The deadline for next week is midnight tonight. 

The Muckamuck kitchen is in full swing -- from breakfast to Lunch to Trails, we are hopping at all hours of the day.  

Did you know...
We partner with local farmers and bakeries.
Our meats and veggies come from farms around the Northwest:
  • Draper Valley Chicken 
  • Organic Grass-Fed Beef from Prineville
  • Pork from Nature's Old Time Meats 
  • Bread products from Grand Central Bakery, New Cascadia Bakery, and Liberated Baking. 
We proudly offer choices for children and staff with dietary restrictions or sensitivities.

Thank you for your support by volunteering in the kitchen, touting us on social media, and sending love and thanks our way to brighten the workday. We are here for YOU!

Bits & Bobs
Runtober is around the corner on October 6th, it's never too early to gather pledges from your neighbors and friends -- we sent a packet of information home with your child, did you get it?

We are looking for volunteers to help with a number of jobs to help the day run smoothly, or get yourself sponsored and run with us.

If you can help out between 8:30-10 the morning of the 6th, let Mishawn know as soon as possible. This event gets bigger and better each year, help us make it the best one yet!
03 - MAC Students dry out mid-week during the Fall Expedition
"What the hand does the mind remembers."

- M. Montessori
Join Tami O'Kinsella for a "Going Out" Training on Tuesday, September 26th, for parents who would like to be drivers/chaperones for these unique excursions. 
Keep your eyes peeled!
Next week we will publish our Student Directory to provide families with a way to communicate directly with each other for event planning, carpools, etc.

We prefer families to send party invitations by email or post, and this directory is your ticket! The directory is not intended for business or marketing purposes, if you do not wish to have your name, phone number, or email published, please alert Mishawn us as soon as possible:
Community Learning Center
These classes are a swell way to learn a new skill, socialize, stay active, and create. Don't miss out on our fall line-up, we have everything from Cross Country to outdoor skills, Legos to beading. Classes for both children and adults! Click here to view the entire catalogue. 
PTO Corner
All remaining Fridays in September, join us for coffee hour at Elka Bees in Happy Valley.

The annual Back to School Fall Picnic will be held at Damascus Centennial Park on Sunday, September 24th in the afternoon (exact time TBA). Music! Pie Contest! Lawn games!
It's groovier than Woodstock.

Be a course minder/timer/etc. for Runtober or the Explorers home meet (see articles above).

Prepare meals in the kitchen. Looking for help M, W, & F -- choose one or more days to come in for at least two hours between 8am-3pm. Commit for a week, a month, or all year long, it's up to you! We will happily feed you lunch as an extra thanks. 

We need a handyman to make adjustments on our hot food bar.

Join a committee! If you want to have more fun than a barrel of monkeys WHILE making a difference, ask about our committees.

Chaperone a "Going Out"! Attend training for this one-of-a-kind adventure on Tuesday, September 26th.

You can donate time or dollars to fulfill your family's annual commitment of 40 volunteer hours. Log your hours on our website or in the office. Direct volunteering questions to Mishawn Nelson: 
Further Reading
From our desktops to yours: drop in weekly for articles about education, child development, and related miscellany. Enjoy!** 

** These articles are intended for educational purposes only. The views and comments contained within do not necessarily reflect the views of Lewis & Clark Montessori, its employees, or its Board.

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